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fair warning

March 14, 2008

My socialist wanker friend from across the pond at malung tv news, who I’ve linked over on the right in case you haven’t noticed, seems to have had some of his work stolen by a rather large media outlet in his neck of the woods. A couple of weeks ago Brian Ledbetter at snappedshot receives a warning of pending law suit from the AP for exactly the same thing.

I doubt there is much threat of R30C photos or other info being stolen by others for personal gain since most of the hits come from club members just checking out what they missed over the past weekend, I appreciate both of you stopping by. But I want to make perfectly clear the photos and non credited videos on this site are wholly owned by the respective photographer that takes them, I will look upon unauthorized use as theft and pursue every legal means to achieve maximum vengeance, both punitive and compensatory on behalf of the photographer, the club (R30C) and myself.

Bottom line is ask first, then maybe I won’t have to be an asshole*.

*to be honest,  I won’t have to be a bigger asshole than what I already am.