3 Rivers Festival Show

July 22, 2007

It was a nice day for a show, not too hot for the middle of July and a nice breeze all day. Although my day didn’t start off all that well having pushed my luck with the gas gauge a little too far. I ran dry before leaving the driveway to head for the gas station around the corner, then after pouring a couple of gallons in the tank the new battery I bought back in March died. I hooked up the battery tester and it indicated the battery was bad, so I spent an hour trading the battery in for a new one. The only good thing to come from that was the new battery was free.

Considering the entrance to Lawton Park is located on a somewhat blind curve it was nice of the Allen County Sheriff Department to have a deputy parked at the entrance flagging traffic over to the opposite lanes. I left a few minutes ahead to the crowd, I can imagine what it would have been like trying to get 200+ cars out of there without their help. I doubt it would have been pretty, and possibly would have been expensive.

Here are a few of them, click on them to enlarge.






Update: By the way if you’re interested in the cream colored ’32 roadster with the for sale sign in the windshield, click on comments at the bottom of the post and say so. I wiped out the phone number but have my copy of the picture which I can read the number, I’ll check with the owner to see if it’s still available and let you know how to get in touch with his or her permission.

One comment

  1. Hey, Was at the car show in Busco,,I took some pics,
    and chad said to get in touch with you about on how to send you the pics for the Route 30 Cruisers Site.
    Let me Know.

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