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Knox spring fling (June 2)

June 8, 2007

The day started off bad and just got worse. We left “home” at 8:30 a.m. with 4 cars for the hour and a half drive to Knox, we hadn’t even made it out of town when one had mechanical problems and had to return home (it was the white one pictured in the R30C banner). At about the half way point we stopped for breakfast, once we were on our way again we hadn’t went more than 5 miles when Hoots ’37 started having fuel flow problems, we figured it either vapor lock, bad gas or a plugged fuel filter and proceeded on the way, much of along the shoulder of US 30 at 35-40 mph. Finally at 12:15 we arrived at the show, just before registration closed. As luck would have it Marty won the perfect door prize for this particular day, a floor jack and jack stands. They were put to use immediately when Hoot pulled the fuel filter at the tank. Problem solved?

We left the show and after 5 of the 6 miles back to US30 Hoots fuel problem acted up again, we limped along to a good spot to pull over about 1/4 mile from the ramp onto 30. Two trips back to Advance Auto in Knox for parts and another couple of hours diagnosing and then changing the fuel pump and we were back on our way, life was good again. Just after getting up to speed on 30 Hoot coasted onto the shoulder again, engine knocking obnoxiously. After a few phone calls he had a truck with a flatbed trailer on its way from Columbia City.

Not much of a consolation, but R30C did win the club attendance trophy, with 3 cars showing up. Next weekend – Albion, and hopefully much better luck.