Yoder Show

April 29, 2007

Reasonably nice day, 67 entries besides mine, all of them very nice. Here are a few of my favorites. I’ll update with a slideshow containing all the pics I took when I have a bit more time.













Update: I’ve been  avoiding updating since my anti-virus expired a couple of days ago, I just brought it back up to date a few minutes ago.

Just to point out all of the above photos are of award winners with the exception of the next to the last one, the Ford pick-up with the tri-power. I personally think he was ripped off, so, for little as it’s worth, his award is being considered by me one of the best of the show. That may not amount to much, but more people are likely to see his truck here than are likely to see the trophies of late models with after market rims or PT Cruisers with flames. Pride is a funny thing, some of us would rather earn or not earn recognition for our vehicles when we put our own work into it, I don’t have much respect for someone who buys off the dealerships lot and changes rims or performs a superficial change to bring a vehicle to a cruise-in to take an award. I just don’t feel it was earned, to me it appears to be bought.

Just for the record, the 23-T was best something, I had to sell him so hard for permission to post the pics I forgot what it was*. Note to self, in the future take notes.

The ’53 “Rat Fink” Ford pick-up won best paint….guess why!

The Red Comet took home best engine. Awesome! So much chrome that if I owned it I’d have to make the better half sleep in the garage so that I could park it in the house.

The silver ’66 ‘Stang Coupe* took home a trophy, as did the flamed black low rider*, again sorry guys / gals, I’ve just got to learn to take notes, my memory is like a straw.

*click on comments at the bottom and fill in the blanks in my memory and I’ll update accordingly.


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