This is getting to be rediculous

April 15, 2007

We get this on April 14th.


Youth Fund Benefit Car and Truck show on April 28th in Yoder at the Living Faith Missionary Church located at 17718 State Road 1. Registration is from 8 to 11 a.m., awards at 2p.m.

I hope they’re praying for better weather than pictured above. It might be a good idea to take a snow shovel…just in case.

Update: corrected my typo, previously it was “Youth Fund bebefit Car and Truck show”…sorry, my fat little greasy fingers get in each others way sometimes.



  1. Yeah, I know…I’m probably the that will need to bring a snow shovel!

  2. Umm that should say I’m the only one that will need to bring a snow shovel….my fat little greasy fingers again;

  3. I just wanted to say great job on the 1953 ford pictures.Its my best freinds fathers truck and I have
    a lot of time in it as well.Sometimes it feels really
    good to see people enjoy your work as I do yours with website.So again great job and we will you again on the road.

    Thanks,Richard Stevens

  4. Richard,
    I appreciate the kind words. Kudos in return for the fine craftsmanship that went into the ’53. Some of us, such as I, just build to remind of what was, others turn what was into a higher form of art, the ability to do that leaves me in awe!

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